Setting up JXM

I've tried to make setting JXM up as easy as possible. I'd like to just make a single disk image with an installer that does everything, but unfortunately part of the procedure is to install a driver that is not open-source. Because the project is hosted on SourceForge, I must obey their policy which forbids me from adding non-open-source files.

So this procedure is as easy as it is going to get.

  1. If you don't have one already, you need to go buy an XM PCR. Unfortunately, since they've been discontinued, this is going to be slightly more difficult. You can try eBay or you can search for one of the various kits that let you use a car receiver module as an ersatz PCR.
  2. Since installing the driver will force you to reboot, you may want to either print the instructions out or bookmark this page so you can easily come back when you're done.
  3. Download the driver.
  4. Download the latest version of JXM. It is in the form of a disk image. Mount the disk image by double-clicking on it, then agree to the GPL, and drag the JXM application out of the disk image and place it anywhere on your computer that you want.
  5. Install the driver package file you downloaded earlier. The installation will force you to reboot.
  6. After rebooting, plug in your XM PCR antenna and aim it towards the satellites. Plug a pair of powered speakers into the line-out jack and connect a USB cable directly from a USB port on your mac to the XM PCR (see the FAQ for why USB hubs aren't recommended).
  7. Start JXM.
  8. That should be it. You should hear the XM preview channel come out of the speakers. If so, then you're done!
  9. If the radio did not automatically power on, it could be because you have another FTDI serial port connected to your computer. If so, you will need to open the preferences, go to the Device tab, and select the correct device. After you do that, simply click the Power checkbox to power up the radio.
If you're having trouble, the best place to turn for help is the XM411 software support forum.