Setting up JXM

To get JXM working on Windows, follow these instructions:

  1. If you don't have one already, you need to go buy an XM PCR.
  2. If you have never installed a Java runtime, or if your current one is not at least version 1.4, then visit Sun's JRE update/install site.
  3. If you have not installed the stock XMPCR software, then download the driver. Open the ZIP file and extract the files to a directory on your hard disk.
  4. Connect the XMPCR. If you see a driver installation wizard, follow the steps, and when it asks, point it to the directory where you extracted the driver in the previous step.
  5. Download the installer. Run it. It will ask about where you want to install JXM and where to put the start menu items.
  6. Start JXM. There will be a start menu shortcut where you asked for one during installation.
  7. That should be it. You should hear the XM preview channel come out of the speakers. If so, then you're done!

If you're having trouble, the best place to turn for help is the XM411 software support forum.